How to Add Subtle Holiday Cheer to Your Wedding

- Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Holiday season is upon us and for couples getting hitched this time of the year, the cheer in the air can be the perfect wedding decor inspiration, guaranteed to please your guests. Why? Well, because we are yet to meet someone who doesn't like that warm and fuzzy feeling we all get around the holidays.

But just like with any other design approach, there's a fine line between "a little holiday cheer" and a full-on Christmas party feel, starring a Santa appearance, which we assume is not what you want. (But hey, you do you.)

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So how do you not cross that line? For wedding planning pros like Erica Trombetti of Infinite Events, the answer is in the details—as in, let your theme guide small but impactful details, without becoming the central focus of your decor. Think a small rustic "Let It Snow" sign or seating cards in the shape of snowflakes.

"Incorporate little jingle bells tied to your napkin or menu at each place settings ... ring them and the couple will kiss," Trombetti suggests.

Read on to see what other wedding professionals told us about incorporating the holiday spirit to your big day.

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