The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Elegant, Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding

- Hazelwood Photography
Hazelwood Photography

Winter is literally coming so if you are planning a wedding in the next few months, why not let Game of Thrones inspire your nuptials? Whether you have been a fan of the show since S1E1 or just enjoy the occasional episode, you can't deny that the whimsical world of Westeros would be the perfect setting for a magical wintry celebration.

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And there's an elevated way to do that—one that doesn't include tacky dragon figurines, fake gore, or, you know, incest. The key? Focus on decor to re-create the vibe, but forget about the plot. "Let the weather be one of your complementary elements. Choose a chillier month that will allow you to wrap yourself in faux fur, and encourage guests to bundle up as well," suggests Tommy Waters of event planning company The Renaissance. Keep scrolling for the tips that will tie it all together.

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