This Is How Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Toned Arms

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Hi guys, I'm Kim with In Style. I'm here with Danielle Lagree, owner of Lagree Fitness Studios and celebrity trainer. And today's she's gonna teach me a move to get Jennifer Anniston's arms. [MUSIC] Her arms have always been incredible, so toned, they're perfect. So the first exercise we're gonna do is called the chest press Okay. So you want to wrap the resistance bands around your hand. So right underneath your bra strap and you're going to push your hands out and then criss cross them. And also slight micro bend in the knees to protect that lower back. Core should also be engaged And a little variation that we can do with this is we can hold it out and just a little press. It's amazing how a tiny little band can cause this much pain. Right? [LAUGH] And how many sets and reps of this do you recommend? So I would also recommend this for about two minutes. You can do the full length exercise for about a minute and then the little variation Chins whether it's a hold, it's a pulse, you can do for another minute. And then the next exercise we're going to do is to hit those triceps. We're going to put one hand behind us. We're going to press our right hand up using our tricep and then we're going to bend our right arm. You want to try not to bring it all the way down so that we Keep constant tension in that right tricep. I've got that [CROSSTALK] So just a slow steady movement. Four seconds up is really a minimum. But sometimes even we go eight. Really? Yeah, so you really want to squeeze that bicep as you're bringing your arm down. And a variation we can do for this is we can have a half-way hold and just a little pulse up. Just a little pulse. Just a little pulse. How does that feel? It feels like it burns a lot. Do I have Jennifer Aniston's arms yet? Definitely. Well on the way right? You're on your way. Thank you so much. You're welcome.

Red carpet season is upon us, which means stars will be stepping out in gorgeous gowns that show off all of their hard work in the gym. Jennifer Aniston looked stunning at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards in a strapless gown showing off her incredibly toned arms.

So we invited trainer Danielle Lagree of Lagree Fitness Studio into our office to share the moves she is currently doing with the actress in her LA studio. In the video above, Lagree shows me an arm move inspired by one she does regularly with Aniston. The best part? You don’t have to step foot inside a gym—this move can be done anywhere.


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