Watch Blake Lively's Hairstylist Create an Updo Without a Single Bobby Pin

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Hi, I'm Rod Ortega, and I have a travel hair hack that's gonna change your life. [SOUND] [MUSIC] So a sewing kit is great for any type of hold like a pony tail, holding a bun together instead of using boppy pins, or using. Clear elastics. I can anchor it with it looking seamless. What's inside this [UNKNOWN] kit? Any type of thread you would like. So I mean, they always come in different colors, but you can always fudge a color to kinda match your hair. Okay so this is Marie before [MUSIC] So there you have it, how to secure a seamless, beautiful braid. And here's another way to do a seamless, messy knot. Without using any type of pins. [MUSIC] Here's one more way just to make it a little bit more fashionable. [MUSIC] Something as simple as thread, you can just make a whole new different look.

We've all been there; you go to pull your hair up into a ponytail with the one hair tie you've packed for vacay—the one you've been wearing around your wrist all day—and just like that, it snaps. And of course, because hair ties end up in same alternate reality that socks do, that's the only one you had. But don't freak out—Blake Lively's hairstylist, Rod Ortega, just filled us in on one of the most game-changing travel hair hacks we've ever heard.

Still in that hotel room? Grab the sewing kit. Some of the best hair tools out there aren't traditional hair tools at all. Ortega says you can use thread to seamlessly secure a messy braid, or create an undone topknot in just minutes.

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Watch Ortega give his trick a go, and copy it for yourself the next time you want to create a hairstyle free of bobby pins or hair ties, or maybe when you just don't have any other options.


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