Watch Demi Lovato Demonstrate Her Go-To Seduction Move

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If I was going to try to seduce somebody, I would do, what is it called? [LAUGH] I'm like, I would just do it. [MUSIC] Hey, I'm Demi Lovato. I just finished my InStyle cover shoot. I'm here with Danielle Martin, and we're about to To show you some of our favorite Brazilian Jiu-jitsu moves. I love Jiu-jitsu because I'm able to translate things from that art into my real life and it's very empowering. [MUSIC] If I was fighting somebody that I loved, I would put them in a choke because I wouldn't wanna hurt. Hurt them that much. So this is a rear naked choke. [MUSIC] If I was going to impress somebody, I would do one of my FAvorite chokes and Anaconda. [MUSIC] Let me do that again. [MUSIC] What was wrong with that one? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] If I were trying to seduce somebody I would do a double attack choke from the mouth. [MUSIC] Good job. [MUSIC] If someone was annoying me I would probably put them in a bow and arrow choke. [MUSIC] If I were really mad at somebody I would grab them, throw them, and put them in an arm bar like this. Sorry. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] Like that. [BLANK_AUDIO]

InStyle’s April cover star Demi Lovato is a force to be reckoned with, in the studio and on the mat. So after she finished her cover shoot, we asked Lovato to show off some of her favorite jujitsu moves for every occasion, and she did not disappoint.

The singer employed Danielle Martin, the founder of self-defense and women’s empowerment program True Boundaries, to spar with her on the mat. “We are about to show you some of our favorite Brazilian jujitsu moves,” Lovato says in the video at top. “I love jujitsu because I’m able to translate things from the mat into my real life, and it’s very empowering.”

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- <p>Carter Smith/Copious Management</p>
<p>Carter Smith/Copious Management</p>

She went on to demonstrate the moves she would carry out in different real-life situations, like if she wanted to show someone she loves them or was trying to impress someone. But our personal favorite is the jujitsu move she’d use to get her flirt on. “If I were trying to seduce somebody, I would do a double attack choke from the mount,” Lovato says playfully before demonstrating the choke.

Watch the video at top to see Lovato show off her impressive moves. And for more from the singer, pick up the April issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download March 16.


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