How to Master Blake Lively's Valentine's Day Hairstyle

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Hey guys, it's Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Rod Ortega, and today he's going to recreate a Valentine's Day inspired hair style. Today, we're gonna recreate the Glamentine look that I did for Blake Lively. It's a very nice, sleek Look from the front, but then there's a heart in the back. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Well, first I'm gonna smooth out the hair, with the T3 Curlex dryer. I'm gonna give it just a slight bend with the T3 Whirl Trio, the large. [MUSIC] We're channeling Blake already. So, step three is taking The front. So we're gonna take it from ear to ear and we're gonna wrap it in a ponytail. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then from temple to temple we're going to pinch it. We're gonna split it in half. You want to make sure that it's pretty much even. And then what I'm gonna do is. We're gonna twist. [MUSIC] There we go. Let's think [UNKNOWN], like [UNKNOWN] Part. [MUSIC] So now you have the perfect look for Valentines Day inspired by [INAUDIBLE] Thanks Rod. You're welcome. I'm excited it looks great, very blink.

When it comes to getting festive for Valentine's Day, there's wearing literal hearts on your sleeve, or you can be like Blake Lively and style your hair in a heart-shaped updo.

If you have your entire Valentine's Day planned except for your hairstyle, we're here to help. We turned to Lively's longtime hairstylist Rod Ortega to find out how to recreate the star's hairstyle from the Galentine's Day party she hosted with her sister Robyn last year.

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Surprisingly, recreating the half-up half-down is easier than trying to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant on February 14th. Along with some hand coordination, the only tools you need for the look is T3's Cura LUXE Hair Dryer ($250; and the brand's Whirl Trio Interchangable Styling Wand ($270;

Hit play on the video above to get Orgeta's exact breakdown on how to do Lively's "Glamentine" look.


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