21 Must-Haves InStyle Editors Bought (and Swear by) This July

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Fine. Call it a “shopping addiction,” or, “the innate inability to say no.” We love to shop, we’re really great shoppers, and we’ll never, ever stop shopping (sorry, bank accounts). As InStyle editors, it’s our job to bring you the best of the best in fashion, beauty, home, etc., and that requires us to keep tabs on the ever-evolving market. So, just call our frequent shopping habits “research,” thank you very much.

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Every month, we’re rounding up what we bought (and swear by) the previous month so that you can get in on the goodies, too. From affordable, luxe-looking flats to a game-changing skincare must-have, here are 21 items we’re proud to have purchased this past July.


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