What InStyle Editors Found Worthy of Splurging on This Summer

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Sorry wallet. This is what happens when all our favorite brands unleash their summer collections. We can’t help but to add-to-cart. And who can blame us! (If you're a financial advisor and reading this: that question was meant to be rhetorical.) We may be in love with shopping—addicted, even—but that doesn't mean we’re irrational when it comes to spending our hard-earned cash. We may splurge from time to time, but we’re making smart splurges. You know, worth-the-investment purchases.

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We went around the office and asked InStyle editors what they’re proud to have splurged on this summer, and the results ranged from designer kitten heels to the next go-to carry-all bag. Scroll through and see what summer-buys our editors found worthy of splurging on.


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