Prince Harry Kept Thanking Meghan's Makeup Artist on Their Wedding Day — and the Reason Is Adorable

- WPA Pool/Getty Images
WPA Pool/Getty Images

When Prince Harry lifted lifted Meghan Markle’s wedding veil, you could practically hear a collective gasp from women the world over: You can see her freckles!

It was a pivotal moment for brides everywhere. “The last thing you want [is] to look at your wedding pictures and go, ‘Remember when highlighting was the rage?’” says Markle’s makeup artist Daniel Martin. “At the end of the day, you want to look like your best self.”

- Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

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While he’s had many defining points in his career and become the go-to for loyal clients like Elisabeth Moss and Olivia Palermo, creating an instantly iconic au naturel look for his friend Meghan Markle — aka Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex — might have taken the proverbial (wedding) cake. “I know exactly what she does and doesn’t like,” says Martin. “After the ceremony Harry kept saying thank you. He was thanking me for making her look like herself.”

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A veteran editorial artist and product developer, Martin is a brand ambassador for Dior Beauty and the creative color consultant for Honest Beauty, which was founded by his longtime client Jessica Alba. “Whether it’s a full-glam moment or the no-makeup makeup look, he does it with a delicate hand and precision,” says Alba. “He knows how to flawlessly enhance your natural beauty without transforming you into something you’re not.”

- Courtesy Daniel Martin
Courtesy Daniel Martin

But it’s more than makeup artistry that helps him maintain such meaningful relationships. As Alba puts it, “In an industry where the diva persona is celebrated — and his talents give him every right to be just that — he is the complete antithesis: considerate, caring, and real.”

Here, Martin spills his favorite products and tips.

Martin's Must-Haves


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