3 Olympic Hopefuls You Should Watch For in the 2018 Games

- Courtesy of Kellogg
Courtesy of Kellogg

Believe it or not, the Winter Olympics are only a few months away. It may not feel like it in this post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving season, but the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are heading to PyeongChang, South Korea, in nearly 100 days, and athletes around the world are preparing vigorously for it.

While Olympic rosters won't be finalized for most sports until closer to the games, some athletes are already being watched and spotlighted because of their athletic prowess and competitive track record, and we spoke to three of them. Nathan Chen (pictured above) is the 2017 U.S. Men's Figure Skating Champion, Kelly Clark is a four-time U.S. Olympic snowboarder and three-time U.S. Olympic medalist, and Mike Schultz is the U.S. National Paralympic Snowboard Champion, so needless to say, they're kind of a big deal.

These athletes don't compete in the same sport, but they do have one major thing in common: their faces are on cereal boxes. Each athlete has partnered with Kellogg's, and they'll be documenting their paths toward the Olympics with the brand's #GetsMeStarted campaign. Below, they tells us all about their training, life as a competitive athlete, and (what else?) the Olympics.

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