Milo Ventimiglia Is Begging You to Forgive Crock-Pots for Jack Pearson’s Death

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This Is Us fans finally learned what caused Jack Pearson’s tragic death on Sunday’s episode: The faulty switch on an old slow cooker began a house fire and, having forgotten to change the batteries in the smoke detector, Jack wasn’t alerted to the fire until the entire house was up in flames. But it wasn’t the fire itself that ultimately killed Jack: After making it out of the home intact, he went into cardiac arrest from inhaling too much smoke.

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The actor also revealed that he and Mandy Moore have known about the cause of Jack’s death for a year and half. “I’ve been holding on to that one—I’m relieved. I’m really relieved,” he said of the secret finally getting out.

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But don’t worry: Our beloved patriarch will still be around on the hit drama, and there are plenty more stories about his life to tell. “Jack is still around. I mean, I’ve been dead since the beginning so it’s kind of like this is just the story of how I die,” he added.

This Is Us returns Tuesday, Feb. 27, on NBC.


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