You'll Be Shocked at How Long It Takes for Kim Kardashian to Maintain Her Platinum Hair

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Millions of fans are keeping up with Kim Kardashian's everyday life. Some even try to copy her look. So how much would it cost to get Kim K's body? COINAGE. Life, well spent, presented by GEICO. The pop culture phenomenon's look starts with her glowing skin. According to her Snapchat she uses six. Different skin care products, including a serum that costs $630. I total, Kim K pays $1,135 to perfect her skin. We can't forget about her iconic contour. Kim revealed that her makeup kit includes 20 different products, from a $115 La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation sunscreen to a $5.99 tube of L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara. Her beauty favorites cost a little over $643.40. No wonder she waits until the end of the day to cry. You too can have the social media star shimmering here with just six products. Kim K uses shampoo, hair oil, glossing cream, a hair perfector, hair mask, and moisturizing cream, totalling a hairific price of $210. Get that Kardashian hourglass with the help of celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson. The fitness guru has reportedly trained Kimmie since she was 19. Clients pay a whopping $15,000 for a six week program with the Beverly Hills based workout professional. Kim also follows a strict Atkins 40 diet that includes a lot of water and few carbs. ClassPass reports that she also keeps her fridge stocked with Pressed Juicery's charcoal lemonade. A custom juice cleanse from this company can cost anywhere between $49 to $229 depending on the plan. In total the basic cost to be Kim K runs over $17,200. At that price her selfy-obsession makes a whole lot of sense. [BLANK_AUDIO] Coinage, life well spent, presented by Geico.

Maintaining platinum blonde hair when you're a natural brunette is no easy task. Just ask Kim Kardashian West, who shared with her Twitter followers the lengthy amount of time she has to spend in order to maintain her blonde hair.

"Spent the last few days bleaching my roots (we do it in stages so it doesn't break off). OMG 13 hours & still going. This blonde is very high maintenance. Love you @ChrisAppleton1 but getting over this," she wrote on Twitter.

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Yes, you read that correctly: Over 13 hours to make sure that she can stay platinum without damaging her hair for good. Pretty crazy, right? Her dedication to her hair is nothing new, but from her Tweet it sounds like that her days as a blonde bombshell may be over.

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Kardashian West dyed her hair blonde during New York Fashion Week, which was the second time she'd gone blonde.

We have to say, we love the blonde, but we're not sure that we'd be able to handle all the maintenance!


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