Kim Kardashian Posed in Underwear, but Fans Focused on What Was Behind Her

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim Kardashian West is already spending 2018 in a quintessentially Kim K. way—by posing on Instagram in her underwear.

The reality star posted a sultry snap to Instagram wearing nothing but a white crop top and a matching high-waist panties. In the photo, Kardashian stood in a gray kitchen while barefoot and drinking a shake.

In the caption of her post, an ad for a meal-replacement shake, Kardashian described what she was drinking; however, followers couldn't help but focus more on her outfit—and where she was standing. The Evening Standard reported that some users were a little put off by Kardashian standing so bare in what they perceived as a "dirty" kitchen.

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“You’re not wearing the proper kitchen wear," one wrote. "That's a hygiene violation.”

“I couldn’t finish reading what @kimkardashian was selling over the bleakness level of this kitchen," another said.

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Despite the kitchen qualms and Kardashian's barely there outfit, this isn't the most outrageous underwear photo Kardashian has posted this year. Last week, she shared another stripped down snap while wearing a pair of briefs; only that time, she didn't wear a top at all.

What a tone to set for the year!


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