Kate Hudson Says This Nightly Routine Was a Beauty "Game Changer"

- Richard Buxo/Splash
Richard Buxo/Splash

Growing up, did you have any insecurities you had to learn to move past? Oh, all kinds. But there was no time to worry about my looks the way I grew up. I have three brothers, and it was constantly like, “Get outside! Hurry up!” I was always convinced that I could do what my older brother was doing—and do it better. I wasn’t necessarily a tomboy, but I was a sporty, get-dirty, adventurous kind of girl. I think that’s how you can tell that a girl has brothers—she’ll often be unaware of her appearance. It wasn’t until I got older that I went, “Oh!” when someone pointed out my ears.

What about your ears? They were something people made fun of. I was a pretty tough girl, though. I was a very hard person to bully because I understood that it was about them and not me. They definitely tried. I was one of those kids who didn’t succumb to peer pressure. When my friends were partying, I was not. I got there later in life.

Who taught you about caring for your skin and hair? My mom, but she’s pretty no-fuss, like me. She whips out a face in five seconds. She’s more into health than beauty. For her, it’s all about eating right, detoxifying, energizing your body, drinking water. But we do love our makeup and creams.

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What’s your morning routine like? Well, once upon a time, like 10 years ago, it was easy. Now, I’m actually very strict about my skin-care regimen. I get hormonal breakouts. My skin clears up, and then, boom, a pimple pops up. But if I’m not lazy, which I can be, it will get better. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that washing my face every night and using toner is a game changer. In the morning I just rinse with water and follow with moisturizer and sunscreen.

You’ve partnered with La Mer for the new Ways to Love La Mer campaign. How did you like contributing to this project? I have a long-standing relationship with La Mer, so it’s a very authentic collaboration. When I was a kid, there was always a La Mer cream on my mom’s vanity. One day she found me in her bathroom putting some on, and she was like, “Hold on, this is not the product you get to use.” So La Mer has always been the cream on the pedestal with the halo around it. We shot the campaign for the new cooling gel cream, which I love, in Iceland with a female filmmaker. It was truly a bucket-list moment.

Tell me about your fitness routine. You know, I’m like a lot of people, where I’m in it one minute, but I can fall off. That being said, I try to stay motivated. Pilates is my favorite. It lengthens your body, stretches your spine, and really gets to the core. I feel strongest when my core is strong.

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How did you feel after chopping off all your hair last year? I believe that hair holds a lot of energy. I think any woman who has shaved her head would say it’s freeing. You can’t hide any part of yourself. You’re just facing the world—the good, the bad, the ugly.

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