Gwyneth Paltrow and John Legend Are the Dynamic Cooking Duo We Never Knew We Needed


[MUSIC] We can do a little yoga, if you want to. Yoga? I heard of it. You might want to take those off. [MUSIC] Close your eyes and take a deep breathe and step your right foot back behind you. [UNKNOWN] like this. With Jazz hands? Just no jazz hands. Straight hands and look at your middle finger. This one? [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay now, step back to the front. [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] Anderson. You wanna do some [UNKNOWN] Anderson? This is hopeless. That was about seven seconds. Is that it? Mm-hm. That's all you got? [MUSIC] What? Know what? What? Being Gwyneth Paltrow's really hard. I know, how do you think I feel? [SOUND] This is actually exactly how be Gwyneth Paltrow. Pinot noir. I knew it was you. Cheers.

If we had to guess, we'd say Chrissy Teigen is probably a little sad she wasn't invited to this cooking session.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently launched a new Goop video series called Real Men Eat, and her first guest for the segment was none other than John Legend, who helped whip up several mouth-watering varieties of chicken wings. Together, the unlikely duo cracked open a bottle of LVE wine, fried some chicken, and even remixed one of Legend's hit songs—we love this new video series already!

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ICYMI, Legend is a bona fide chicken wing expert—his recipe for Crispy Fried Chicken Wings with Spicy Honey Butter appears in his wife's cookbook, Cravings. In the goop video, Legend explains that while 32-year-old Teigen is the executive chef in their household, he helps out in the kitchen a lot and makes a pretty decent sous chef. Maybe the segment should be called Real Men Cook!

However, let us not forget it was Teigen who originally bonded with Paltrow over the wonders of poultry.

During one of her kitchen experiments a few years ago, the cookbook author posted an homage to Paltrow, writing, "Things I love in the cooking realm: the glow of toasting bread under the broiler, the sound of chopping scallions, and herb bundles. And sounding like gwyneth paltrow, apparently. I LOVE YOU GP."

A wonderful friendship was formed when Paltrow retweeted the picture, writing that the feeling was mutual.

The two cooking queens have exchanged several adorable social media posts since, and we can't help but wonder when there will be a Paltrow-Teigen collaboration. Let's make this happen.

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