Jessica Alba Just Got Her Most Drastic Haircut in Years

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[MUSIC] What's up, InStyle? This is Jessica Alba and here is how to get my favorite five minute texture. [MUSIC] I go in and I grab my hair in sections. Now they're totally uneven. And I wrap my hair and then I go in and I do the opposite directions. And the more, kind of chunky and uneven, I think the better the result. So you get that nice, little, imperfect waves. I'll do the other side. [MUSIC] Even though this curling iron has a clip, as you can see, I use it clipless. It doesn't snap my hair when I use it this way, which is nice. [MUSIC] Brush it out with a wide tooth comb. [MUSIC] I use this sea salt spray. Love this smell so good too. [MUSIC] Spray on the other side. Spray them the back. And then Axel like cool kind of texture And then I will go in with a little bit of this dry conditioner. And this dry conditioners are in an aerosol but this one is in this dropper and this is really great because you can control how much product you get. And then I just work it through the ends. And also what great about this dry conditioner, it's so thin it doesn't weigh your hair down at all. [MUSIC] There you go. Five minute texture. So easy. [MUSIC]

For a lot of us, whenever our stylist has suggested a heavily layered haircut, Jennifer Aniston's "The Rachel" shag instantly comes to mind. However, the look doesn't automatically equal retro.

Jessica Alba's new post-pregnancy cut is the latest example of the magical powers of layers, and just how much they can enhance your style. Alba, who's known to share document all of her hair changes on Instagram, uploaded a before-and-after shot of her cut, captioning it, "This happened thx @chadwoodhair for the awesome #haircut- it feels sooo good to shed the pregnancy hair. Whaddaya think?"

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Wood complimented Alba's new shorter length with gradual, angled layers starting at the star's chin. He documented the major cut by sharing a time-lapse video of the cut, along with a photo of the final look.

Alba's signature beachy waves are a look she rarely deviates from, but the dimension and movement the placement of the layers add to her length means it'll look great whether or not the mom of three blow-dries or air-dries it.


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