Jaime King Is Bringing Back an Unexpected Hairstyle in a Big Way

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Hey, guys. I'm Joan from InStyle. Today I'm here at Mizu Salon getting a perm that gives you beachy waves. I'm a little nervous because my hair is pretty straight, but let's go try it out. [BLANK_AUDIO] So I will have to admit it was hard to get people to volunteer to get their hair permed. It's so interesting because I feel like this isn't a real perm. It is a perm, but there's a different meaning to that word now. That stigma from the bad era of the 80s where everybody got fried up You know. Exactly. So there's still a lot of that going on out there, there's a lot of bad firms floating around so luckily I'm happy to say I perm hair everyday, sometimes I do two to three a day so that tells me there's still a humongous percentage of women out there that are searching For the right ones, you know so. Wow! [LAUGH] What a big head you have, my dear. This is the best I've ever looked. So, just to tell you what's gonna happen now. We're gonna go to the sink, we're gonna apply the perm solution all at the same time, Let it process for approximate 24 minutes which is about the norm, right? When that's done, we'll rinse the hair for five minutes. After we rinsed the hair, we blot it and apply a conditioner for five There you go. My gosh. You can see. Like who is this girl? I don't even know who this girl is. [LAUGH] So for the perm naysayers, it works. It works. And it's beautiful. Thank you so much. Yeah, my pleasure. Thank you. [SOUND] Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thanks, guys, enjoy. Bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]

The latest hair trend in Hollywood will give you serious nostalgia. Jaime King is the latest celeb to get a modern perm, and we're obsessed with the results!

The 38-year-old Heart of Dixie actress documented her time in the hairdresser's chair on Instagram, showing all the steps that go into the perfect perm. In the first picture, she's munching on a hamburger while her hair is twisted up on perm rods, and she gives a shout out to LA-based hair stylist Kiley Fitzgerald in the caption.

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King also shared a time lapse video of the process, where you can watch her hair get twisted, treated, and blown out. In the caption, she wrote that it's her first perm since third grade, which begs the question: does anyone have pictures of baby Jaime with a perm?!

Don't forget to swipe to the next image to see the final look! We're loving the curls on her.

King isn't the only actress to get a perm recently, either. Emma Stone also visited Mare Salon to get her curl on with friend Rachel Goodwin.

The perm movement is sweeping the nation—which star do you think will embrace curls next?!


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