EXCLUSIVE: Gray Malin’s New Photo Series Will Make You Want to Go Swimming

- Gray Malin
Gray Malin

Gray Malin, the Los Angeles-based travel photographer known for his mesmerizing color-coordinated aerial shots of beaches around the world, has taken his talents to the pool. His latest series, Gray Malin at the Coral Casino, is set against the glitzy backdrop of the Santa Barbara private social club of the same name next to the Four Seasons Biltmore, an oceanfront haven known just as much for its star clientele as its Olympic-sized swimming pool. The latter is central to Malin’s images, which capture the bygone elegance of the historic property.

“Upon first setting step into the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club, I was transported into the glamorous days of when men wore suits and women were the original ladies who lunch,” Malin told InStyle. “Yet it did not feel dated or in any way antiquated. Rather it was effortlessly chic and timeless. I knew right away that I wanted to create a series that did the same—images that would be both reminiscent of yesteryear as well as refreshingly modern.”

VIDEO: Gray Malin’s Take on the Dot

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Here, Malin gives us an exclusive look at his new series ahead of its release later today, and shares the inspiration behind each photo. In conjunction with the launch, a portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to the Central California Red Cross to help restore the damage caused by recent mudslides to this part of California’s coastline.


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