Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz Let Us Listen in on Their Phone Call

- Photo Illustration. Photos: Getty Images
Photo Illustration. Photos: Getty Images

Drew Barrymore: I am so sorry I’m late! I know GP does not do tardiness. I am actually with a fellow friend now ...

Cameron Diaz (a surprise guest on this phone call): Hola! Hi, mamita!

Gwyneth Paltrow: What are you doing? I am so jealous I am not with you guys.

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DB: I wish you were with us too. We’re just driving around the city running errands. We did a big workout this morning.

GP: You guys are so cute.

DB: I am on a juice cleanse and raw program right now. We are both foraging cucumbers out of my bag.

CD: And sprouts.

DB: It’s actually because of Cameron that we met. She brought us together. And timing is everything.

- <p>Getty Images. Paltrow and Barrymore in 1999.</p>
<p>Getty Images. Paltrow and Barrymore in 1999.</p>

GP: So true.

DB: And I like the idea of inner beauty. I’m such a believer in it. So who else to talk to about the inside and outside than you?

GP: Thank you! You know I would put my life on hold to support what you’re doing.

DB: Ditto! Right back at you.

GP: There are many things that I admire about you, but one of my favorites is the way you go through life with ruthless optimism and freedom. And you’re so funny. Every time I’m with you I marvel at the things that come out of your mouth — sometimes so funny and so dirty and then sometimes so profound. When we were talking about having kids and the impact that it had on us, you said something I use to this day: “I was born the day they were born.” It always gives me goose bumps. You’ll just say something that will knock the wind out of me.

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DB: Holy shit! Thank you. I’ve always admired people who are self-generated. I think “authentic” has become almost a dirty word because people overuse it, but you know when something is real and true. You are my beauty crush because you talk a lot about how we can better ourselves: How do we go through life more educated, more in touch with each other? I don’t think a lot of people can put a level of spirituality into their brands and have it feel so fucking on point.

CD: Literally, I just aspire to be like both of you. Everything you said about each other is exactly right and true. It makes me so proud that you guys are my friends.

GP: Thank you! I also admire how entrepreneurial your spirit is, Drew: Whether it is content, products, or ideas — you’re just a real inspiration.

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DB: As Andy Warhol said, you fall in love with your eyes closed. I’ve always said that I fall in love from the inside out. But we’re clearly all in the beauty business, so we certainly don’t naysay what’s on the surface; we’re all about it.

GP: At Goop we look at beauty as holistic: What you put in your body is equally important as your topical products. I feel very fortunate because I’m in a position where I’m able to actually materialize and execute ideas. So for me to dream up and make, say, a clean shampoo with an amazing scalp scrub in it — it’s a very cool thing . But if I could invent something that would help people forgive themselves, I think that would be the best beauty treatment of all time. Will you help me invent that?

DB: Yeah. It seems like it would be the cure for everything. I’d have to come up with the fucking Orgasmatron to match the importance of that.

GP: I like that. I want that.

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