Chrissy Teigen's Dog You Know and Love from Instagram Has Passed Away


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Chrissy Teigen announced sad news on her Instagram Wednesday: The model's frequently Instagrammed pup Puddy passed away at 10 years old.

Puddy was a fixture of Teigen's social media accounts, and it didn't take long for fans to fall in love with him—just as they did with Teigen and her husband John Legend.

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"Today our baby, Puddy, has gone on to the pup heavens," she wrote in her Instagram farewell. "John and I got Puddy in our first year of dating, when I convinced him half-birthday presents were a real thing. 10 years ago, on May 30th, I found the dog that would be there for us through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel. He welcomed new pups and loved on new babies and new bellies. He was there for everything."

"Every time I needed a taste tester, someone to kiss or needed to sob into his stinky rolls, he was there. It’s true what they say. We are their entire lives and it is the greatest shame that they can only bless us with a short spark of time in ours," she wrote. "I always knew I would lose a piece of me when he left us. I feel the hole now. I will love you forever, my boy. My heart aches. Thank you so much for everything, everything."

Despite suffering from heart failure last year, Puddy fought through it and continued making appearances on her Insta until his passing. He was Teigen and Legend's oldest dog, and he was frequently pictured with their daughter Luna and the couple's other dogs too.

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He also had a wife, a French bulldog named Pippa:

He is survived by the family's other dogs Pepper and Penny as well. Scroll through some of our favorite pictures of Puddy in his memory.

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