This Life Event Made Busy Philipps Stop Chasing Skinny and Start Getting Healthy

- Courtesy Busy Phillips
Courtesy Busy Phillips

Busy Philipps documents her fitness journeys, like her recent success with the Whole30 diet, in stream-of-consciousness Instagram stories—though she wasn't always so invested: "I wasn't super active in sports as a kid. I hated gym class. We were sneaking cigarettes behind the theater, not running laps."

But she discovered the rush of spinning in her 20s and is now also pumped about dance-cardio LEKfit classes with Lauren Kleban. "Both are high endorphine-producing exercises, and they got me to notice a difference in my mind, clarity, and mood. I rely on the exercise as much for my brain as I do for my body."

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Read on for the rest of Philipps's wellness obsessions and what made her prioritize getting healthy over getting skinny.


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