Beyoncé Carries Cupcakes in Plastic Containers Like Any Mom Would and We've Got Proof

James Devaney/Getty Images



Just the though of the 36-year-old pop culture icon makes you think of embellished body suits and everything Givenchy, right? Wrong!

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- <p>James Devaney/Getty Images</p>
<p>James Devaney/Getty Images</p>

On Monday, the world blessed us with an image that not only is worth way more than a thousand words, but that offers a super rare glimpse at Beyoncé looking like—dare we say it—one of us! Yes, it’s possible. Yes, she’s human. Yes, we suddenly think we could be really great friends.

You see, it’s not that Queen Bey hasn’t shown her grounded side before. She is just a woman with goals and a family to take care of, after all. But on Monday we saw a totally different side of the icon.

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The proud mom of three marched around in L.A. in black fitness gear, including a now sold-out Ivy Park sweatshirt and Nike sneakers. She was leaving SoulCycle, which is a surprising sentence in and of itself. Can you even imagine Queen Bey in your spin class? And, perhaps most notably, she carried a few cupcakes in a tightly sealed blue and clear plastic container.

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We’re not sure whom these cupcakes are for, whether she baked them, and if Beyoncé enjoyed them herself or not. But we can’t get over this: Beyoncé carries around her own cupcakes in a Glad container. Who knew!


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