The 50 Best Nude Eyeshadow Palettes at Every Price Point


Nude eyeshadow palettes are synonymous with a great pair of jeans, the right bra, and killer sneakers. There's no shortage of options, but the struggle is finding the *perfect* fit.

On their own, the taupes, beiges, and chocolate shades you'll find in a neutral palette might seem boring, but they're actually so versatile that you can create both minimalist and smoky eye looks alike when you wear the shadows alone, or mix and match them.

Considering a nude eyeshadow palette can be considered the foundation of a solid makeup collection, it's not surprising that nearly every makeup brand has their own version of a palette at virtually every price point. What is shocking is how much time you'll spend swatching until you find the exact one that suits your needs.

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That's where we come in. We've broken down the 50 best nude eyeshadow palettes at every price point. Keep scrolling to find the best sets of neutral shadows whether you're looking for a bargain or want to feel fancy with a designer buy.

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