Actresses Will Wear Black in Support of Time’s Up at the BAFTA Awards

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I think by looking at it you know that it's black and there's an important reason tonight why I'm wearing black. And I'm comfortable in my own skin and the dress is comfortable. That's why I'm wearing it. [MUSIC] I got on board pretty fast with Time's Up. Time's up on the silence that so many folks have felt they've had to be in for far too long. I'm wearing Rasario and they're very, very happy to be a part of this whole initiative. It feels like a turning point, it feels like this is a big shift. Being on The Real is very important for me To stand up for women. Mm hm. I was very honored to wear black, everyone looks good in it, number one, it's slimming, and it means a lot to everyone to stand in solidarity and to know that you're supported. I think it's really important to stand with woman in this industry, and the male survivors This industry as well. Especially in Rap people have been outspoken in that way to come together as a collective. You know, it's sympolic really. It's not the whole thing but it's sympolic of everything that's going on. It's just a show from a visual perspective like the solidarity and that everyone is together. On this and I think that's powerful. I had a option of why in black and obviously we're all in black for solidarity against sexual assualt. I've actually had my eye on this dress for months, like I was like, when can I wear that dress? And then we kind of felt like because of the big movement, we were like we're gonna do that one but it has a little bit of Golden Globe touch to it, so we were like, okay, it's good. Was not hard for me to wear a black dress. At all It's a pretty overwhelming and thrilling ceremony and to hear the extraordinary solidarity for gender equality both in Hollywood which has this really ospicious opportunity to lead and across all industries in our country it's been a very special night. I feel quite gitty

We’re not psychics, but one thing’s certain: Women will wear black at the 2018 BAFTA Awards.

According to WWD, British film industry leaders are reportedly banding together to support both the Time’s Up and #MeToo movement in protest of sexual harassment by sending a message through their clothing, much like celebrities did at the 2018 Golden Globes. BAFTA, which stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts, hosts the awards show that’s basically the U.K.’s Oscars, so this is a big deal.

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So who can we expect to see in black? That's to be determined.

Award nominees include Frances McDormand, Margot Robbie, Sally Hawkins, Annette Bening, Saoirse Ronan, Allison Janney, and Octavia Spencer, and actress Joanna Lumley will be the host, making her the first female to take over the job since 2001.

However, a spokesman for BAFTA reportedly said the organization itself is not dictating the dress code and denied to confirm whether female stars will, in fact, wear black.

The 2018 BAFTAs will take place in London on Feb. 18 at Royal Albert Hall.


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