How to Throw Your Kid's Birthday Party Like a Celebrity Mom

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Let me count the ways I’ve become the parent I never thought I’d be: (1) I bribe my daughter, Hazel, with strawberry lollipops, sometimes strawberry lollipops dipped in chocolate milkshakes. (2) I let her watch Disney movies so I can eat sushi and work, and by work, I mean online shop. (3) I talk about pre-school admissions and library hours as if they’re intense international affairs. (4) I love my mom friends, my mom jeans, and my mom-juice (wink).

So obviously I got into the competitive Birthday Party game. Because, FUN. But having (5) started following just about every Hollywood mom on Instagram since Hazel was born, I was looking for something less family brunch and more Chrissy Teigen constructing a petting zoo party in her backyard for Luna. Celebrity moms: They may be just like us, but their children's celebrations seem to exist in a different stratosphere.

For Hazel's second birthday, I invited 60 people to our small Brooklyn apartment and, with a few weeks until the big 2, started to plan. We needed creative, brilliant, big ideas. So I channeled Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba—and what I mean by channeled is I stole all their party tricks and found budget-friendly angles in. “Hazelfest” was a hit! She and her friends danced and sang and got silly and messy, and no one had a meltdown (including me!). Follow my lead. Check out my finds. Here’s how to throw a kid’s birthday party that is anything but basic.

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