How to Collect Art, Whether You’re Spending $24 or $2,400

Follow your instincts - Courtesy of Twyla
Follow your instincts Courtesy of Twyla

There are no rules when it comes to curating a personal art collection, which is precisely why building one from the ground up can seem like an impossible feat. In truth, it's more simple than you'd expect.

In addition to not knowing where to start, collecting art may seem like an expensive hobby. Sure, an original Andy Warhol painting can cost you more than 100 million dollars but purchasing work from an up-and-coming artist or a print from the Internet isn’t going to put such a dent in your life savings. Luckily for us, we live in the age of DIY, so who’s to say your collection can’t include some homemade creations?

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According to Clarissa Hulsey Bailey who is the Director of Designer Relations at Twyla, these five tips can help you build a personal art collection whether your budget is $24 or $2,400.


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