How to Avoid 6 Holiday Party Fails, According to Nate Berkus and Athena Calderone

- Courtesy LG
Courtesy LG

Hosting a holiday party is no small endeavor. Not only are you shouldered with the responsibility of preparing food for a house full of people—but there's also cleaning, re-arranging, and entertaining involved, all of which combined is capable of making you spiral into insanity before guests even arrive. Seeing as we're in the throes of the festive season, we tapped two consummate entertainers for their pro tips on how to decorate and cook with ease. Here, interior designer Nate Berkus and Eyeswoon's Athena Calderone, who both partnered with LG Electronics during the lead-up to the holidays, spill their stress-free hosting secrets.

VIDEO: Watch Nate Berkus's Team Decorate a 15-Foot Christmas Tree

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Scroll down for their candid hosting mishaps—and how to avoid them. Take notes, people.


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