7 Life-Changing Kitchen Gadgets Under $40

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For someone who is always testing and reviewing products as part of her job, I'm proud to say that I can keep it pretty minimal when it comes to things in my home. A perpetual purger, I constantly relieve my personal space of things that I don't need and that includes books, clothes, tech items, and even kitchen gadgets. Yes, kitchen gadgets. I love to cook and am always down to try the latest and newest product on the market, from garlic peelers to sous vide machines, but if I'm not careful with my product intake, my kitchen could potentially look I'm the perfect candidate to star in an episode of Hoarders.

And for all the crazy gear that gets introduced in the marketplace each year, I find that the best products that I never tire of seem to be the classics. Sure the zippiest hi-tech gadget might be fun for a while, but never lasts long at Casa Vorrasi because it's a) a pain to clean or b) I'll only use it once in a blue moon and no N.Y.C. kitchen has the space for that.

So this list of essentials is for you, from one avid home cook to another. Hopefully these recommendations will inspire you to replace some of the extra noise within your cabinets and make putting dinner on the table a little swifter.

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