Why Valentine’s Day Is an Even Better Holiday When You’re Single

- 2018 Ellie Baygulov/Stocksy
2018 Ellie Baygulov/Stocksy

If you think Valentine's Day is reserved for those struck by cupid's arrow, think again. Yes, V-Day is about love. But who better to shower with love, spoil rotten, and, yes, shop for than yourself? Couples nationwide are frantically ordering next-day delivery gifts on Amazon Prime, praying they achieve the perfect combination of wow factor and relationship-stage-appropriate affection; meanwhile, you know exactly what you want, no mind-reading necessary.

So to all those flying solo, we say: Instead of ignoring the holiday, embrace it! In her recent essay for InStyle, 2 Dope Queens' Phoebe Robinson perfectly captured the mood of spending V-Day alone: "This is the perfect time to get used to not being someone’s partner."

But if you're not about me time, there's another (boozier) alternative: Turn Valentine's Day into Galentine's Day, says Robinson. "Lean on—and reconnect with—your friends. We all spend so much time texting our besties during a work meeting or while we’re in the middle of watching Master Chef, but how often do we sit down and really focus on them for a few hours? Last year on Valentine’s Day, my friend and I got dressed up, went to a screening of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot, and then had some drinks and got mac ’n’ cheese for dinner. You can’t be mad on a day like that—it was super fun. So whatever will put you in good spirits that’s legal and isn’t going to hurt anyone? Go for it."

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Need a game plan? "Think about the things that light you up, don’t feel like work, and come naturally to you. Think about the activities you enjoyed as a child or the types of ideas that flow easily to your mind," suggests Lisa Lentino, clinical psychologist and author of Constructive Thinking: How to Grow Beyond your Mind ($13, Everyone needs a day to rediscover what they actually like to do on their own, and Feb. 14 is the perfect time for that kind of positive introspection.

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