8 Ways to Make Fine Hair Look Instantly Fuller

- Giorgio Fochesato/Getty Images
Giorgio Fochesato/Getty Images

Volumizing products have a bad reputation for being sticky, gunky, and let's be honest, not effective.

And there's some truth to this. In the past, you could check off all of the above boxes when describing your experience with most products. But, just like how you left flat ironing your hair everyday in the early 2000s, volumizing products have evolved, too.

Today, there's a plethora of root lifters, mousse, and sprays that add more body to your style so that your hair looks full and thick, but is still totally soft and touchable.

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From Ouai's spritz-on formula to IGK's powder-based root plumper, which doubles as dry shampoo, we've rounded up the best volumizing products for fine hair.

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