Your Bad Hair Day Is Now a Major Celebrity Beauty Trend

- Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

If you're one of the many people who joined the running list of celebs that chopped off all of their hair into shoulder-grazing lobs this year, you've probably been cursed with the dreaded flip-out.

What's the flip-out? It's when your shoulder-grazing cut flips out at the ends no matter how you position your blow dryer, or if you turn your flat iron inwards when you're styling it. Worst case scenario is that you have actual cowlicks.

Now, it's finally time to stop feeling resentful towards your flipped ends—and some of your favorite celebs agree. Bella Hadid and Zendaya are just a few of the stars that have recently been wearing their lobs with the ends intentionally flipped-out. And if you revisit Rihanna's 2015 Met Gala look, you'll see that RiRi was an early adopter of the look.

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It may be the literal opposite of the '90s-inspired blunt lob with flipped-in ends we've been seeing everywhere this year, but it does still have one connection to the decade: Amber from Clueless was a flipped-ends enthusiast.

To stop fighting with your flipped ends and embrace them, take a few style notes from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who works with Hadid and influencer Camila Coelho, and can be credited for taking flipped-out ends and making them fashion.

Atkin shared on her Instagram stories how to DIY the Hadid's style with flipped-ends from a Paris Fashion Week event. Start by spritzing damp hair with Ouai's Smooth Spray for a flyaway-free finish ($26; and blow-dry using a round brush. Once dry, spray sections of the hair with hairspray then flip your ends out with a one-inch curling iron. Run Ouai's Rose Hair & Body Oil ($32; all over for extra shine, and smooth any stubborn flyaways with Christophe Robin's Intense Regenerating Balm With Prickly Pear Oil ($60;

Let the following celebrity flipped-out hairstyles convince you that maybe what you're experiencing isn't actually a bad hair day.

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