Celebrity-Approved Ways to Style this Year's Hottest Haircut

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Maybe spending less time blow-drying your hair or seeing your favorite celebs' cuts while scrolling through Instagram is what made you find chopping your hair off into a bob so appealing. Whatever your reason for getting one of this year's trendiest haircuts, when you first go short it probably seems like you said goodbye to your styling options along with your length.

In reality, it's still possible to wear your hair up, down, straight, wavy, or whatever you're feeling in-between. Choosing a hairstyle is entirely up to you, but if you're not sure on what to do with your newfound shorter length, there's a lot of ideas from red carpet to help you get started.

Lucy Hale's sleek finish and Diane Kruger's low ponytail with messy left out layers are just a few of the creative ways that you can style a bob. Keep scrolling for celebrity-inspired looks for anyone whose hair reaches above their shoulders.

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