5 Haircuts That Make Fine Hair Look So Much Fuller

- Karwai Tang/Getty; Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
Karwai Tang/Getty; Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

There's no photo filter that can instantly transform fine strands into a thick-and-full head of hair, but you can add body to your hair with the right cut.

Juan Carlos Maciques, celebrity hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon in New York, recommends avoiding cuts that are too layered or shaggy because they can end up looking straggly. While having fine hair does limit what styles you can choose from, there are a number of cuts that can enhance your hair and help it appear thicker and fuller.

Whether you like a longer length or you're looking to go short, we turned to Maciques to find out what the best haircuts are for fine hair.

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