15 Pieces You Need To Build The Perfect Utilitarian Wardrobe

- Claudio Lavenia/Getty
Claudio Lavenia/Getty

Utility has been trending for ... well, years. Perhaps you have dabbled in it before. A military jacket here, a jumpsuit there … But the trend is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon, so we have come to think of it more as a lifestyle rather than this season’s whimsy. With that said, it is time to start building the perfect utilitarian wardrobe. What does that mean exactly? It’s all about practicality and uniformity—picking pieces that will forever be in style and can be mixed and matched with the current. Think structure and minimalism, workwear and military detailing, and a whole lot of khaki, olive, and neutral tones. The styling ideas are endless so why wait? Shop the 15 key pieces below to perfect the look now.

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