The 6 Best Cleavage-Boosting Bras for Wide-Set Breasts


We know how essential the right undergarments are for your wardrobe, but even still, bra shopping can be overwhelming, especially when faced with a bevy of brands and styles. Sometimes it helps to buy said intimates with a specific reason in mind, and no we don't mean date night. For those of you who have breasts that don't touch, meaning you can put one or more fingers in between, shopping for your bras can be broken down to a science.

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Wider or separated breasts benefit from a few styles, like the plunge or triangle-shaped bra, which pushes them together. T-shirt bras can also be more comfortable for wider-set women because they are made for the everyday, and still create cleavage. And lastly, racer-backs or T-backs push the chest close together, while creating a slimming affect. Ahead, 6 stellar bras for wide-set breasts.

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