5 Style Tips I Learned From Prince Harry

- Jeff Spicer/Getty Images
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

I'm not a royal expert. I think Kate Middleton has great hair and her kids are adorable, and I think Meghan Markle has a great assortment of outerwear. But I'm an oddball: I'm not stalking fan accounts looking for the latest and greatest about The Royals.

I do, however, know a good dresser when I see one, and Prince Harry, you red-headed bad boy, you, you've certainly honed your personal style these past few years. You went from boarding-school chic (aka always in a uniform so you looked hot) to a man of high taste in overcoats and scarves ... you even have a signature pose!

Here, I outline five style tips I have (totally legally) stolen from Prince Harry. You're freaking welcome.

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