Net-a-Porter Wants You To Get Excited About These 6 Brands

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When Net-a-Porter talks, we listen, Especially when it comes to the new designers and brands we should keep our eyes on. Over the past few seasons, thanks to Net-a-Porter's fashion director Lisa Aiken, we've seen a huge surge in contemporary brands (read: things we can actually afford) on our favorite e-tailer's lineup. Yes, we adore seeing that $1,000 shoe that we'll save all year for, but it's pretty cool we can also buy something for $130 that's equally as chic.

Here, we sit down with Aiken as she shares six brands (she refers to them as "her babies"). She is over-the-moon to have recently joined the Net-a-Porter family. From a swimsuit line for the minimalist to a poetry-inspired jewelry brand, here are her six babies she can't wait for you to shop.

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