I Dressed Like Kendall Jenner for a Week (Fanny Pack and All)

- Courtesy of Quyn Duong
Courtesy of Quyn Duong

Fall 1998, I’m sitting crossed legged on a floor of rainbow alphabet puzzle mats in my glitter jelly sandals, Barney sweatshirt, and beaded hair scrunchie. Mrs. Smith has just gone around the classroom, asking each of us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Now all eyes are on me. Without hesitation, I open my tiny five-year-old mouth and say, “Kendall Jenner.”

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OK, so that’s a lie (I actually said, “Violinist.” You see ONE symphony concert on PBS …). But you know what isn’t a lie? Kendall Jenner is consistently a Best Dressed candidate. Like SHE’S SO STYLISH, IT DEFIES LOGIC. Yeah. Anyway, if you don’t agree, deep down, you really do agree. Everybody who’s, honestly, everybody wants to be her or at least dress like her. So when Kendall + Kylie (you know, Jenner’s very own fashion label with sis King Kylie) reached out, my first thought was, this is my time to shine.

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The plan was to simply dress like KJ for a full week (sci-fi sunglasses and alternative denim included) and see where that would take me, and BOY, did it take me. Scroll through to see how my week dressed as Kendall Jenner went. In short: I did the absolute most.


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