The '90s Are Out, and This Decade's Fashion Trends Are Officially In

- Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Lizzie McGuire, Rugrats, Legends of the Hidden Temple—the early 2000s were definitely filled with the best TV shows. Don't even get us started on the music (Hey, Christina Aguilera and Outkast). But what we're missing the most are the fashion and beauty trends from the early 2000s. Raise your hands if you remember sneaking out of the house with a tube top on. Or how about piling on ridiculous layers of gloss on your lips until they were shinier than Paris Hilton's Swarovski encrusted flip phone. Man, we miss the good 'ol days.

But don't worry. Fashionistas are going back in time and bringing those unforgettable moments into 2018. Yes, it's happening, folks. So keep scrolling to see which trends are already blowing up.

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