18 Celebrities Who Look So Different Without Their Iconic Facial Hair

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Just like a bit of contouring, facial hair can totally change your face shape. Whether you’re rocking a beard, a mustache, a goatee, or the full caveman, even the tiniest amount of scruff can transform a baby face into a heartthrob.

Don’t believe us? Just check out how different these typically bearded celebs look when they shave off their signature scruff. Take Milo Ventimiglia, for instance. The This Is Us star shaved off Jack Pearson's mustache when he finished filming Season 2, and he looks like a totally different guy.

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Johnny Depp looks almost unrecognizable when he shaves off his goatee, and Kit Harington looks 10 years younger without his Jon Snow beard. And don't even get me started on Jeff Bridges—I doubt that even a True Grit fan could pick that clean-shaven face out of a lineup.

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