We Tried 4 Products Designed to Help You Sleep Better

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Shannon Fagan/Getty

I don't have the best track record when it comes to sleeping on time, or just in general.

A few years ago, I was at a point where sleeping at 2 A.M. was normal for me, usually with the TV on—there was a show on Netflix called Flowers I'd put on, which was basically just a video of different flowers blooming to classical music. Sometimes it worked, but when it didn't, I'd usually be up until 4. I've gotten better about my habits since then, though the progress isn't really anything to report on. The TV stays off, but 1 A.M. is my standard bedtime. Midnight is early for me, and anything before then is unheard of.

Once in a while I'll have one of those nights where I head to bed around a standard time, only to lie awake for hours, which could be maddening. I'd get so wrapped up in the stress over not being able to sleep, that I'd end up staying up all night and feel like a zombie all day at work. Ambien freaked me out during the brief period I tried it, so that and Lunesta were out of the question, so I sought out options, preferably that included melatonin since it's something your body naturally produces anyway.

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From melatonin-infused vitamin sprays, to actual bracelets designed to trigger a longer and deeper REM cycle, I test-drove these four products over a few weeks to find out which ones would actually help me sleep better.

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