Emma Stone and Queen Elizabeth Are Obsessed with This $9 Game Changer

John Shearer/Getty Images


What do Emma Stone and Queen Elizabeth have in common? Here's a hint: It's shiny, elegant, and will never go out of style. Rumor has it, Queen Elizabeth has been a fan for more than 28 years. And Emma Stone wore the affordable must-have to the 2018 Oscars look. Give up? It's no other than one of the most timeless nail polishes ever created: Essie's Ballet Slippers ($9;,, or

- <p>John Shearer/Getty Images</p>
<p>John Shearer/Getty Images</p>

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It was a perfect match for Stone's menswear-inspired Louis Vuitton ensemble. “This outfit called for a classy, glamorous nail to offset her androgynous look," Celebrity Manicurist, Emi Kudo explains. "Essie’s sheer, pale pink ballet slippers was the picture-perfect choice, finishing with Essie’s gel.setter ($10; and for added gel-like shine.”

- &lt;p&gt;J. Merritt/Getty Images&lt;/p&gt;
<p>J. Merritt/Getty Images</p>

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A nail polish that's perfect for everyday wear and special occasions? Sign us up, please.


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