The Best Gel Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2018 Don't Even Need a UV Light

- Copyright 2018 GIC/Stocksy
Copyright 2018 GIC/Stocksy

Who doesn't want a manicure that stays shiny and chip-free even through washing a load of dishes? Yes, opting for a gel nail polish solves all of the aforementioned manicure struggles, but regularly getting them is also super expensive.

Enter at-home gel nail polishes: the cost-effective alternative to getting a gel manicure. These polishes are formulated to last longer than typical formulas and stay just as shiny — no UV lamp required. If you're looking to save some money this fall by DIY-ing your manicures at home, but still want a long-wear finish, you're in luck because all of this season's most popular colors are available in at-home gel formulas.

From Revlon's slime green to Essie's cool gray, there's shades that cater to whatever manicure vibe you're feeling during the next three months.

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