These 10 Nail Polishes Cost as Much as a Manicure—and They're Totally Worth It

- Courtesy, Time Inc. Photo Studio
Courtesy, Time Inc. Photo Studio

Spending over $15 on a shot-sized bottle of nail polish probably seems like a ridiculous purchase when that's around the same price as a cheapie manicure at your neighborhood salon.

But, hear us out. A salon manicure is a one-time deal, when a bottle of luxury nail polish will get you at least five solid DIY at-home paint jobs. Justify luxury nail polish with the same formula that you applied to the last pair of designer shoes you splurged on: it's all about cost per wear.

Other reasons that will help you rationalize choosing an expensive nail polish a over drugstore one: the formulas are more pigmented so you'll actually have an opaque finish after a couple coats, they're often infused with conditioning ingredients to help strengthen nails, and less prone to next-day chipping. Not to mention the kaleidoscope of shade options offered.

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