This Self-Heating Eye Mask Helped Me Deal With the Sunday Scaries

- Jutta Klee/Getty
Jutta Klee/Getty

Life, am I right guys?

The latest addition to my mask collection were MegRhythm's lavender-scented Gentle Steam Eye Masks ($10 for 7;, which claimed to de-stress hard working eyes. Anything helps, I figured.

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Upon opening the sealed sachet, the masks begin warming up on contact with the air. Simply tear the perforated area of paper to release the mask's ear straps, and pop it over your eyes. You'll want to do this on clean skin, as the steam tends to remove eye makeup.

This was a plus for me, since I wear a ton of eye makeup, and even once my face is clean, remnants tend to linger around my lower lash line. The "steam" moniker may seem scary, especially since the product is supposed to rest on your eyes, but it's really more of a gentle heat.

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After I washed my face, applied eye cream, and retired to my bedroom for the night, I opened the mask as directed and placed it over my eyes. I immediately felt it warming up, which was simultaneously both weird and cool, and I could feel the heat slowly intensifying. Nothing too crazy, and the sensation was actually pretty pleasant with the lavender aroma wafting in the air. As per the instructions, the mask should be removed once it cools down, but I fell asleep before that happened.

You ever get so stressed out that you just fall asleep? That's about where I was at.

Luckily, nothing bad happens if you leave the mask on past its allotted time frame. It simply turns into a single-use sleep mask afterwards, and keeps the sunrise from waking you before your alarm does. My dark circles were slightly less intense in the morning, but not by very much. Still, it did get me relaxed enough to fall asleep and not let the overwhelming sense of dread take over, and for that, it's a winner in my book. Now that Game of Thrones is over and Jon Snow can no longer keep me company before the start of the week, these masks have solidified a spot in my Sunday night ritual.


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