How to Make Your Mascara Last During Winter Snowstorms

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Summer isn't the only season that isn't mascara-friendly. The combination of wet snow and strong winds during the winter can cause your eyes to tear up, which in turn can make your mascara run and smudge.

Wearing mascara might seem like a lost cause until the first day of spring, but by altering how you apply the product can help it stay put when it's absolutely essential that you go outside when the weather is miserable—like getting wine and snacks for when you're snowed in.

New York-based hair and makeup artist Abraham Sprinkle recommends using a waterproof mascara on your lower lashes and the lashes closest to your tear ducts to help prevent it from moving if your eyes get watery. For extra insurance, the pro says that you can also use a top coat to seal in the mascara. We like NYX's Professional Makeup Proof It Mascara Top Coat ($7;

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Getting your mascara to stay on, however comes with a price. Sprinkle says that waterproof formulas can be drying. You can keep lashes and the sensitive eye area hydrated by using a conditioning eye makeup remover to take off your mascara such as Talika's Lash Conditioning Cleanser ($27;

Don't know which tube to choose? Keep scrolling for five waterproof mascaras that will hold up throughout winter snowstorms.

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