5 Ways to Live Your Life with Glitter on Your Lips

- Jim Spellman/WireImage
Jim Spellman/WireImage

Who says you're too old for glitter makeup? After high school, you probably retired the frosted lipstick and sparkly glosses you always kept in the pocket of your jeans to the back of your makeup drawer. But, if the grown-up versions of your favorite shimmery lip products that celebs have been wearing on the red carpet are any indication, it might be time to revisit swiping glitter on your lips.

Last summer, Pat McGrath led the resurgence of all-things glitter with her ruby red glitter lip kit. While mesmerizing, the look wasn't exactly practical (which is what we loved about it). Now, glitter has slightly come down to earth with the option of picking up a tube of glitter-flecked lip gloss or metallic red lipstick from the makeup shelves.

If you want to test the trend without the risk of sparkle fallout, we've plucked five ways to wear sparkly lips from the red carpet that will also work in everyday life.

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