This Strange Highlighting Product Will Be One of Spring’s Hottest Trends

- farsalicare/Instagram

You jelly? You will be when you see what this new highlighting product frenzy is capable of creating. You probably remember back in the fall when Instagram-famous beauty brand Farsáli dropped a jelly-like highlighter, and the entire Internet freaked out. Remember the rainbow highlighter craze? It got to that viral level.

The bouncy consistency is weirdly identical to a glass jar of strawberry preserves, but not as sticky and actually meant for your face. Besides just being photo-bait, its purpose, according to the brand anyway, was to keep your skin hydrated while creating an intense, light-catching sheen.

You might have even sworn it was a one-hit-wonder of a beauty product, but turns out, the trend is picking up some steam. There are actually multiple beauty brands that sell some version of the highlighting product, and we can only assume we'll see even more of them make their debut soon.

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Just a few weeks ago, Almay launched two different jelly highlighters for $15 a pop that impart a ultra-pigmented and glittery, high-impact sheen. If you're into unicorn makeup, this is definitely for you. The jelly highlighter glides onto the skin with ease but dries to a light, featherweight powder in a matter of seconds.

Do we think they'll replace a traditional powder highlighter? Probably not, but we see the value in that they're travel-friendly, less likely to spill or crack, and double as a photo op when you're running low on brunch pics and vacation #TBTs. They're bound to be one of spring 2018's hottest trends, so keep scrolling to shop a few versions out now.

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