The Workout That Jennifer Aniston Does to Get Her Toned Legs

Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Hey guys I'm Kim with In Style. I'm here with Danielle Lagree, owner of Lagree Fitness Studios and celebrity trainer to Jenifer Aniston. No big deal. Today she's gonna show me a move that works your entire legs to get those toned, lifted. Gams. [MUSIC] Tell me a little bit about these. What are these? Where do we find them? So these are called gliders. They're great for hardwood floors, also rugs, you can use them on. These you can just find on line or any sporting goods Store. So in the exercise we're gonna do today, we're gonna call it the glider kick. Okay. We're also gonna do a hold and a pulse. And this is one of Jennifer's favorite exercises that we do. So here we go. So we're gonna get into our launch first. So the front leg goes forward. So left leg goes forward You wanna get down into your lunge by pushing that back right leg out. Left knee should be right over the left heel. And then we're gonna drive the right knee in, and then press the right foot out. So, core nice and tight. Neutral spine, hands on hips. And if you wanna make this more challenging. Yes, please [LAUGH]! Let's get deeper into our lunge. [UNKNOWN] make sure that that left knee is staying right over that heel. Drive that right knee in. We're gonna hold. And now get 1 inch lower. And now we're gonna go do a little pulse in our split lunge. And how many sets and reps of this do you recommend? I would reccomend doing the entire exercise for 2 minutes. You can do the glider kick for a minute and then do the variation for a minute. If Jennifer Aniston can do it, I can do it! What I like about this move is it's Its super simple, but its insanely effective. No excuses, I love it. Thank you so much. You're welcome!

Jennifer Aniston always looks incredible, yet it's somewhat satisfying to know that it's more than good genes that continually makes her look better with age; she works hard at it day after day. And we've got the moves that she's doing inside the gym to keep her legs looking better than ever.

Trainer Danielle Lagree of Lagree Fitness Studio stopped by the InStyle offices to share the moves she is currently doing with the actress in her LA studio. In the video above, Lagree shows me a leg move inspired by one she does regularly with Aniston. The best part? You don’t have to step foot inside a gym—this move can be done anywhere.


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