10 Hypoallergenic Mascaras for When Your Eyes Are Just as Sensitive as You

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

When you have sensitive eyes, the level of redness and irritation you experience on some days is the equivalent to what you look like after weeping during the latest episode of This Is Us.

In reality, your contact lenses, dryness, or allergies can all set off irritation. Whatever the cause of bloodshot or teary eyes, it can make wearing makeup—especially mascara—difficult to say the least. And getting lash extensions like the rest of your friends? Forget it.

That's where hypoallergenic mascaras come in. These formulas lengthen and define lashes just like the average tube, but are void of harsh ingredients. Instead, these mascaras are packed with gentle mineral pigments, antioxidants, and conditioning extracts that add volume and length to lashes.

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Here, we've rounded up 10 of the best gentle mascaras to use if you have sensitive eyes.

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